Sunday, January 13, 2013


Looks like Rosie will be having her calf in the next 24 hrs!  Very excited! 

I sure am glad to have Richie around. (Have I ever mentioned how handy it is to be married to a handyman? :-)
It's a good idea to give dairy cows a tube of cal-mag-co supplement before calving, it helps prevent milk fever.  We were prepared with a few tubes of this stuff, but as it turns out, the tubes don't work in a standard caulking gun.  Richie called Dell's to see if they had the right sized gun.  The clueless guy said he thought that maybe they did, but since they didn't have any more tubes left he couldn't test to see if the gun was really the right size.  Mason gave Richie a ride to Dell's Farm Store to see what they've got.  They did NOT have the right gadget. 

SO...they hop over to the hardware store and buy a caulking gun and some washers.  And what does Richie do?  Fashion a perfect gun for feeding the supplement.  Ha.  Who needs Dell's when you've got a Richie? 


  1. oooooh, I'm so glad to have this heads-up that the birth could be soon! We'd love to be there for the birth or soon after, but don't want make her nervous, so maybe we'll wait till she's more comfortable with visitors. : -)

    Love how handy Richie is! You are such a blessed wife. . . in many ways!

    Can't wait to hear from ya'll!
    Love you!

  2. Oh how exciting! It's about time! Looking forward to the next update. :o)


  3. Oh Richie and Lydia, I was so sorry to hear of Rosie and your loss this morning. Our hearts are aching for you, and please know we are all praying for you. Once again another trail has come, and once again I know we can trust in the Lord, that he will work this out for good.
    I love you guys,

  4. Thanks Victoria. I know you guys are just about as dissapointed and sad as we are :-( Thanks for your encouraging words. Love you!