Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Question of the Second Ammendment ~By Richie

“Congress should act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation” Wayne LaPierre, CEO, National Rifle Assn. (NRA)

I have to agree with Wayne LaPierre. 
Richie read this article by Steven Strauss yesterday on The Blaze.  Richie has more than a slight disagreement with Steven Strauss about his "concerns" for having armed guards in schools. 

Richie writes:

Strauss argues that guns in schools will only compound  the school shooting problems.  He doesn't seem to understand that the only thing that's going to stop bad guys with guns is good guys that have them too.  Gun-free zones are killing grounds for innocent people. Law-abiding citizens and are not allowed to carry the tool necessary to defend themselves and others in gun-free zones.  The mass murderers are evil, and if not using a gun, they will make bombs, use knives, bows, or rocks.  To think that one more law (7-round magazine vs. 30-round magazine) is going to stop an evil-cold-blooded killer is pure insanity.

The author of this article makes some interesting points, most being purely foolish and directly from the Progressive-Marxist handbook.  His first point is about armed guards and not preventing mass shootings.  How about the incidents that didn't make national news, such as a security guard averting an incident, merely by his and more importantly, his gun's presence.  The author makes the point that they won't be able to prevent all attacks, but what will?  There is one answer, and it is a long but simple one, and will require at least another post.  I will give a hint though; it involves Jesus and the eradication of evil from the world.

His next point is about armed guards in schools and students taking their firearm away from them and using it for evil.  How many times do students take police officer's guns from them and kill people with them in the country today?  Police are at schools regularly, and we don't here about shootings in their presence.  Another argument is that armed guards will misread students playing with toy guns at school.  Come on folks, another pure example of making a point that is senseless.  For one, how often do kids play with toy guns at school?  Today = Never.  Kids can't even run around with their finger and thumb out yelling bang at one another playing cops and robbers today.  It would demean and be bullying to robbers.  Steven Strauss brings up the psychotic armed guard scenario.  Again, how many psychotic cop school mass killings have you heard of?  Along this same line of thinking, what about psychotic teachers roasting children in home-economic ovens?  These are the crazy kind of arguments that liberals-progressives-Marxists use to further their agenda by marginalizing common sense.

Point #3 is about the cost of armed guards.  Finally, a progressive discussing financial liabilities.  After hiring 16,500 new IRS agents to audit Obamacare ( The IRS promises that's not what they are going to be used for, just like they promised in 1913 that the Federal income tax was only for the top 1%), this author is concerned with wages and benefits for all these public employees.  I am forced to agree with him on this point, which brings me to his next point.

Point #4 is about arming janitors, teachers, volunteers, principals, etc.  The author of the article is scared silly that arming these folks would be far worse than children dying at the hands of evil-killers.  They don't have the vetting and training of the professional security force that is guarding the private school that President Obama's daughters and so many other elite politician's children attend.  What he doesn't understand, is the mere presence or possibility of presence of someone that could foil these evil killer's plans is enough to persuade these cowardly yet evil people to stay at home.  The people that commit these atrocities are psychotic, most on drugs, yet they demand control, because it is something that they don't and have never had.  That is why they attack gun-free zones.  They demand control of the situation.  That is why you don't see these evil people attack the Blue Pavilion Gun Show at the Lewis County, Washington Fairgrounds.  They know that any act of evil would be immediately derailed.  Same goes with school employees with Concealed Carry Weapons and training.  They may not be SWAT or SEAL Team Six, but they might cause the evil killer to lose control of the situation long enough to lower the amount of folks killed, and for police to arrive, and destroy the evil killer.  These school employees should be volunteers, and I would be willing to bet that they could receive as much free self-defense training as they wanted from as many sources as they desired. I could go on and on about this idea.  In my opinion it is the best solution, and allows for programs to be implemented locally, with local responsibility.

Point #5 is questioning whether armed guards should be a federal responsibility or not.  Again, a progressive saying this, merely to point the finger of hypocrisy towards the NRA.  He contends that the NRA, dominated by Conservative, TEA Party, right wing radicals is hypocritical to suggest a "big government program."  I hate to say this, but I agree with him on part of his statement.  This is not a federal responsibility.  But, I personally do not think this is the goal of the NRA.  The "public" has "demanded" a plan.  The NRA threw in their idea, which is reasonable.  President Obama has demanded input from stakeholders.  This is the NRA's contribution.  President Obama didn't demand a reasonable plan from the individual states, he is seeking a federal solution (un-Constitutional at that).  As an NRA member, I am not extremely happy with the idea of the NRA suggesting a Federal solution, but I have also watched American Pickers, and have been involved in some bargaining myself.  I know that you have a targetted value, and you ask more or offer less than that value, knowing that you are likely to end up closer to the target than your offer.  The NRA has offered this solution to VP Joe Biden's "conversation", knowing that their idea is merely to promote conversation, as Marxist President Obama is not going to entertain ideas of empowering Americans with the responsibility of their own safety.  If enough Americans hear the truth, understand the implications of more gun control and loss of liberties, and realize that is all about control, and not saving lives, than I think the NRA made a good move.  I have already seen headlines on the Internet of articles discussing this Armed Guard option, including the very one that I am refuting here.

Point #6

The author continues on in closing about gun violence in America. By his figures, 30,000 Americans die in firearm related incidents.  He admits that about 60% of these are suicides.  So roughly 12,000 Americans are killed by a gun at someone else's hand. In 2010 NHTSA figures show 32,885 people died in automobile related accidents, and 10,228 as the result of drunk driving.  According the the CDC, 25,692 people died in 2010 in alcohol related deaths, excluding accidents and homicides.  Any action done, including nothing, can eventually kill you.  I could spend three weeks scouring the Internet finding figures on how many people have died doing what.  But you get the picture.  He admits school shootings are a very small part of this problem.  Then comes the telling part. 

Steven Strauss urges his readers to join NYC Mayor Bloomberg, 800 Mayors Democrat and Republican (RINO), and 1 million "fellow" Americans in "Demanding a Plan" by Congress and President Obama to reduce gun deaths.  The same NYC Mayor Bloomberg that announced a plan a few days ago to reduce the amount of painkillers kept at hospitals to prevent them from being overused.  A few months ago, he proposed a law (and it passed) in New York City banning the sale of sodas over 16 ounces.  By the way, the Board that passed the law in a unanimous vote, was made up of "persons" appointed by Bloomberg.  

I have no desire to stand with Marxist NYC Mayor Bloomberg, the 800 Mayors, and 1 million "fellow" Americans "Demanding a Plan".  This group of Mayors (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) is one of those anti-freedom groups that I urge you to see who they are.  If the documents were ever turned over, I would guess that this group supported the little reported “Department of Justice Fast and Furious” operation led by Eric Holder that was a gun-running operation that put hundreds of firearms in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  A U.S. Border Patrol Agent was murdered by one of the Cartels, and the gun recovered from the scene was traced back to this illegal operation, sponsored by Attorney General Eric Holder.  This media –attention grabbing story went awry when an agent admitted to wrongdoing, and thus threw the monkey wrench into the gun-control blitz dreamed up by the Marxist machine and President Obama. President Obama was under fire from his numerous anti-gun supporters who were disappointed that he hadn’t taken immediate action to disarm the citizenry of the United States of America.  These groups, such as the Brady group and MAIG, are dead set on taking away all guns, not just those that look scary.  I was somewhat surprised to see the mayor of the big city of Morton listed on the member rolls.  There were mayors from all around the state with names on their membership roll.  I urge you to look up your town and ask your mayor if he/she believes in the freedom granted to us by God, described in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, or prefers the tyranny that ensues when we choose "security" over liberty.  

Finally, this argument is not about lives, or health, or safety.  This is about control.  Gun control is about disarming the masses so an oppressive government can subject them to slavery and death.  If the politicians want to discuss saving lives, how about we start by saving 1 Million lives per year by making abortion illegal.  1 Million totally defenseless children are murdered every year in this country.  Since 1973, 50 Million Americans have been murdered by abortion.  The politicians make it a free choice to murder a child, to end his or her life, but are more than willing to make a law that I can't have a flash suppressor on the end of my rifle.  Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.  Some spoke of this time in history, and they wrote an Amendment to the Constitution, the Second in the Bill of Rights:  "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."  This wasn't about hunting or target shooting, it is about the people stopping a tyrannical government and resetting the system to its God-ordained purpose, to reward good and punish evil.

Don' be silent on gun control issues.  Self protection is a God-given right, and failing to stand up for this right will lead to the loss of so many more.  If you don't own a gun, thank your neighbor that does, and ask him or her to take you shooting.  Learn to love liberty.  Speak out against evil.  Stand with those that defend freedom, for example; our active duty soldiers who are fighting for our rights, our veterans who have sacrificed everything so you can read a newspaper, own a gun, use a wood stove, read your Bible.  Get involved with like-minded people next door, or a street over, or in the next town.  Rally around the Truth, seek and demand answers and accountability, and love thy neighbor.   


  1. Hey Richie,,well said young man. I have an idea. The armed protectors in every school could be returning soldiers from combat. They are already trained for this type duty and are being well paid by tax dollars. They could be given duty at the school of their choice in the city of their choice, wherever needed. A 5 day work week and off duty whenever school is not in session sounds like a pretty good job. They could also help students by being a good example of serving their country. Ted Sr. AKA Papa

  2. Hey Papa Ted, That is a great idea for protecting our children, while doing so much more. Having an honorable armed military man's presence at our schools would help deter evildoing. This would be a great opportunity for students to learn about service to one's country, to get a firsthand account on the sacrifices made by our soldiers so that we can live and enjoy freedom. I always loved Veteran's Day assemblies at school, and felt that their presence alone brought honor and order to a regular school day. And with jobs being hard to find, this is a great chance for military folks to continue to serve their country, while being paid to do meaningful work. All the politicians have been talking about jobs for returning veterans, here is a great chance to do it.

  3. Wow, thanks for writing this! We pray for many more people like you, willing to speak up, stand up and stay alert and diligent in fighting for our freedoms.

    We just learned, though our government is happy to give a choice to parents to murder their child, in Delaware, they have made it illegal for parents to choose loving, Biblical discipline for the children they choose not to kill.

    We must press on and persevere! God is with us and for us.
    We're so glad we get to call you son!
    Love you so much!
    Dad and Mom B.

  4. Richie,
    That was well written. I haven't sent any emails out about the recent school violence/gun control debate, nor have I written anything other than re-posting a couple of articles on facebook. I don't claim to be an expert on violence or school/mass shootings, but I'd like to make a few comments on things.

    First, and this is something I've been saying long before the Sandy Hook shooting, there is a problem in our country with these mass shooting incidents. It does happen in other countries, but I'll just deal with our own because other developed countries censor their press and we really don't get word of half that goes on elsewhere.

    In the last five or so years, or roughly since I started working in law enforcement, the US of A has decreased its force of actual cops by ONE FIFTH! Recent numbers show we have around 715,000 cops in the country. That is down from over 900,000 five years ago. Some of these have been from retirees, disability, leaving for another job, high burnout rate of the profession, disciplinary termination, etc. These positions have not been rehired. Another large slice of the pie comes from actual layoffs. Law enforcement budgets are about the first to take the hit, even before parks departments, utility crews, and especially fire and ems. This problem compounds itself, since the departments across the country are at or below minimum staffing, meaning mandatory overtime and people can't get the vacation days they want and can't take a day off here and there. Not good for an occupation with a high burn out rate. But I'm digressing here, you get the point.

    I agree that armed citizens, whether volunteer or employed, can/will deter and stop crime, up to and including mass shooting incidents. I think that if the president wanted to do something to make people safer, instead of asking Congress to pass gun restriction laws he would be asking them to make some monetary cuts in, oh say social programs, and send that money out as grants to local police departments to bring staffing up to 2005-2007 levels. They could even mandate the money be spent for school resource officers. Now, this would cost more than hiring a group of former military people, but we'd be getting a lot more bang for the buck. SRO's go out and work patrol during the summer when school is not in session, which helps to get extra officers out on the street during the busier summer months.

    All of the framework is already in place, and as soon as the money was diverted we would instantly get more officers in schools, since current officers would be selected for the school resource officer spots and the newly hired employees would be going to the academy and then going to patrol. Therefore we would have experienced officers working in the schools. Would this prevent all shootings. Nope. Is there anything we can do to prevent all shootings/mass killings. Nope. But if we really want to make our schools/communities safer, I see this as the best option.