Monday, January 7, 2013


Today has been a pretty good day.  Richie's back is getting a little better every day.  It still spasms occasionally, but not nearly as frequent as before.  We practically slept though the entire night last night.  Thank you Lord!!!  Richie's pretty weak and sore from sitting all day and night for a week, but at least he isn't in constant terrible pain.  He went off the narcotics on Friday, and for a couple nights has been dealing with the side effects of that...he has really bad night sweats again and bad dreams.  Poor thing!

  I had a good time today experimenting with a low-fat oatmeal cookie recipe from Allrecipes.  I'll be posting it here maybe tomorrow, as I think it turned out very good! 

Another thing I worked on today was folding an overflowing bag-full of of plastic grocery bags into little triangles.  It was a really nice idea on pinterest that greatly reduces the bulk when you're storing plastic bags.  You do have to have a bit of time to do the project though.

Also received a really neat milking contraption in the mail today.  It's called a Henry Milker...Janet spotted it in a Farm Show magazine.  It's going to make milking the sheep a LOT easier.  And until we get the milking machine up and running for Rosie, it will be very helpful for milking her too.  Yipee!

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  1. So glad to hear that Richie's back pain is lessening day-by-day. We praise the Lord for that, too! The fat-free oatmeal cookies sound really good. That is awesome!

    The plastic bag triangles are a great idea. Especially once they are all done! I imagine that feels great to have them more orderly.

    I'm really, really happy for you about the Henry Milker. Oh boy, that will be such a tremendous help and blessing!

    Love you two!