Saturday, January 12, 2013


Like Richie's new beard?  He got tired of shaving :-)  Course I think he's also enjoying the simple pleasure of having hair after being bald for several months!  Janet and I told him we think his beard is really cute and he ought to at least keep it for tomorrow so the folks at church can see!  I sure love this handsome guy <3   

Today we had some visitors!  It was such an enjoyable afternoon with everyone all gathered together in Rich and Janet's cozy living room around the woodstove with snacks and coffee. 
There were plenty of stories and lots of laughs! 

This must be where Richie learned to "talk with his hands." :-)
Both Rich and Richie are great storytellers! 

Mrs. Jerke brought a beautiful and delicious cake that we all enjoyed immensely!

mmmm good!!!

Smile Ron! :-) 
It always makes Richie's day when this guy comes to visit!

Richie showed the Jerkes some family photos of what the farm looked like when they came to live on it.
Lots of laughs!

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  1. Ah, Richie does look very handsome with a beard! Looks like such a fun time with all those wonderful people. What a blessing they all are! So glad ya'll had some good laughs! Man, that cake looks delicious! There's no doubt how scrumptious it was being made by Gma Jerke!!! What a treat! It sure is wonderful seeing Richie up and looking soooo good and happy! Thanks for sharing the great photos of a great day.

    Love you both,