Thursday, December 20, 2012

Richie's Incision

Richie wanted everyone to see his scars! :-) 
The incision is actually about 3 inches longer than what you can see. 

It's amazing how good it looks.  I think it's kind of funny that they went right around his belly button ;-)
Two day old incision
The general surgeon group came in this morning to take the dressing off, and told Richie that he can drink sips of water today.  Still no bowel sounds, but we're hoping it will be soon!!!


  1. Wow!! Lydia, you know me . . . I can be pretty squeamish at times. But, Richie's incision looks so good!

    So excited to hear that Richie can drink little sips of water. That must be such a relief for him. :) I hope you hear some bowel movement really soon; with your very own stethoscope!


  2. We are rejoicing with you! Everyone was hoopin' and hollering when we heard the news last night. Praise the Lord!

    I love you guys!