Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Day!

What a day it was yesterday!  We were so blessed by the reassurance from the doctors that the surgery would be "nothing like your first one."  They were right!  Around noon yesterday they placed a pic line in Richie's arm to give him some nutrition.  It's been a week (last Wed. morning) since Richie's had anything other than jello and a popsicle to eat.  We were so happy that my folks and Rich and Janet and Richie's sister Joy came to visit.  They really lifted the mood and got Richie smiling and laughing again!  We waited in our room until about 2pm,  and they took us down to recovery to get ready for the surgery.  The anesthesiologist was very kind and reassuring.  The surgery only took a couple of hours, and most of the time taken was cutting him open and sewing him back up. 

This morning the stomach tube came out, and Richie's just as strong as he was before the operation yesterday.  He's walking up and down the hall and feeling pretty well.  He's having a little pain, but nothing terrible.  He'd definitely got his sense of humor back ;-)  I am amazed at Richie's strength.  He's a tough one, that's for sure.  He really makes us laugh!     

As soon as Richie starts "passing gas" he'll be able to eat and drink more.  Hopefully within a few more hours.

Thank you so much for praying...see how God is answering your prayers?!  Thank you for being such a huge part of Richie's recovery.  I hope you all know what a big difference you all are making.  We love you!!!!



  1. Amazing! God is so good!

    I love you!

  2. what wonderful news to start the day . . . Pat has been staying with Helen while Tony is in the hospital - he is doing well post surgery . . . . thanks for the post - praying today is another step in rcovery and eating for Richie . . . in love and prayer Kunkels and Thomsens

  3. Dear sweet Kunkels and Thomsens~ Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and continual encouraging words. I am so happy to hear that Tony is doing well. Please keep us posted on his recovery! We love you!

  4. We are so glad that the surgeries are behind you now and you can focus on recovery! Keep taking care of yourself too Lydia, you will be the most help to Richie if you are healthy and calm. We love you all so much! Big hugs!!

    Aunt Heather

  5. That is Awesome!!!! Praise the Lord , Hallelujah!!! :-)

  6. Let Richie Know not to be suprised if a nurse overhears him "passing gas" she may just start clapping and start hootin' and hollerin' :) Probably the only place in life where it is music to your ears. Go, Richie, Go! Love you guys have a wonderful day and continue letting God shine in you and through you! You are truly blessings to so many of US!! Love, The Adams

  7. Aw, it warmed my heart to read this update. I'm so glad for you all to see things turn around for the better. Now you can focus on getting that boy home for Christmas. Love you all.

  8. Sooo happy for you two. May the worst be over now. I'm so glad that you are on this side of all of this. What an amazing trial to go through together and sure to cement your relationship in an unbelievable way.

    Sending love and hugs your way!
    Aunt Kelkey