Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good Things!

Good things that have already happened in the last few hours:
  • Richie's stomach tube was taken out
  • He's been walking back and fourth down the hall several times
  • His energy is up a little more!
Please pray that Richie would be able to tolerate drinking tomorrow.  He is SO THIRSTY and the ice chips just aren't cutting it! 

Psalm 126:3  "The Lord has done great things for us; We are glad."

 Mommy brought us some very nice Christmas decorations!  We're hoping to be out before Christmas, but it sure is nice to have it feel a little more festive around here!


  1. Praise the Lord! That is great News!!! So glad to see ya back on here. It was such a blessing to have your mom keep us updated though!
    Love ~ Hannah :-)

  2. How awesome! . . . Thank you for the update . . . your Dad shared some of Richie and your journey this morning as part of Pastor Dean's message . . . praying God's Hand to heal and strengthen Richie . . . we love you both . . .holding you in prayer . . . Tom and Pat

  3. We are so glad to hear he's doing well. We are keeping track of you guys. We are wondering which hospital you're at and what room.
    Bob and Tonya (the boys too)

  4. Thankful for the updates, and I have been checking blogs often to see how y'all are doing, and to know how to pray more specifically. What a blessing to see you being positive and thankful, even when things sound so tough. "Give thanks in all things" - which is one of the hardest commandments in the whole Bible I think, yet what freedom and joy it brings!

    With love in Him,
    Smile! :)
    In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....

  5. Hannah~ Thank you so much for your continual sweet comments! You're such a blessing. Loved seeing all the pictures you posted on your blog. Very cute animals :-)

    Tom and Pat~ You guys are amazing. You have been such an encouragement to us...I was so blessed the day of the surgery when my mom read off every comment that you guys sent. We love you and miss you!!!!

    Bob and Tanya~ I hope we'll get to visit with you guys again soon! Maybe you can come down and have dinner with us sometime when Richie's doing better. Thanks so much for keeping in touch. Don't want to post the hospital room on a public place, but please email me and I'll send you the info!

    Kate~ I have been so happy to hear from you! I've missed the emailing that we used to do. Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. I'm so glad to have such a sweet "sister" in Christ!
    Love to all!