Monday, December 24, 2012

First Snow!

Here's Richie all dressed and ready to get out of that hospital room!

The sheep came running to see me this morning!

Then they followed me down to the barn for some hay.

Lilly has to be one of my favorite ewes.  I raised her on a bottle, and she turned out to be a real sweet heart!

Mr. Romulus is looking handsome as ever ;-)

Rosie's smart to hang out in the barn on mornings like this!

Smokey and Pronto trying to steal some of Isaac's grain

"Feed us!!!!"

 Miss Petunia looks like she's going to be lambing here in the next week or two.

Lucy was happy to see me! :-) 
It's soooo good to be home!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Amen!!!!! There's no place like home! We're sooo happy for you two!! And we're happy for us too : -), as we missed you sooooo much and didn't like you being up there at all either!
    Thanks for all the fun pictures!!! Looks like everyone's happy!!! : -)
    Love you,

  2. Cool! I am so glad you guys are back! Is Richie enjoying the snow? :0) Don't worry, we might get 3-5 more inches Christmas morning!

    Will we see you guys for Christmas?

    Love you! Kyle