Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a great Christmas!  We spent most of the day over at my folk's place.  It's always a busy house on Christmas!

My aunt and cousins joined the family for several days prior to Christmas.  It was so good to see them again!

Richie picked out "The Founder's Bible" for Kyle.  Daddy read the back of it to us.

My sisters and brother got Richie a couple of nice knives!

My sweet mother!

After an hour of present opening Benjamin decided to take a nap.

Richie thought that was a good idea too!

Annie was happy to be in on all the excitement!

Back at home, Sandy and Lefty had a nice restful Christmas :-)

Richie was pretty tired by the end of the day.  He's doing pretty well today.  He hasn't had any pain medication since midnight last night.  There's a full day of John Wayne on TV today, so we're in Rich and Janet's house watching that.  It made Richie's day!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas it was to have you and Richie home and with us! This blessed us beyond measure! We enjoyed every minute!! THANK YOU for making the day sooooooo special with your presence and presents! : -)
    We love you two sooooo much!

  2. So happy you two were able to spend your first Christmas as a married couple together with family and not in a hospital! Looks like you had a great day of togetherness and love! Enjoy your restful day of John Wayne movies. Love you guys!
    The Adams

  3. Thank you for the post you are making lots of smiling faces with your joyous news and celebration of our Savior's birth . . . hmmmmm from Pat -hope Richie will be careful about stoppingpainmeds -it ismiserable to get behind the paincurve instead of ahead of it . . . from an old gal thattried that . . . not good . . . takegood care - in love and prayer from Tom and me . . . Pat

  4. So happy for you to get to spend your first Christmas together at home, instead of the hospital. May blessings abound throughout the holiday season and into the new year!