Monday, December 17, 2012

A couple things

It's amazing what an impact one little cup of water has to one's countenance and outlook.  Richie was commenting about how just being able to sip a little water makes such a big difference in his recovery.  It makes him feel more like he's actually getting better.  When he couldn't drink anything it made him feel like maybe he wouldn't.  This morning we prayed over his first little half a glass of water.  It was a defining moment.  Once again I was so blessed by Richie's profuse thankfulness and the way he praised the Lord for the refreshment that he could finally enjoy.

 A few minutes ago when a group of doctors came in and commented on Richie's breakfast (red jello) Richie told them "Yeah, steak and eggs for breakfast this morning...I know it looks like jello but it's really steak and eggs."  Love his sense of humor ;-) 

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  1. Oh, I'm praising the Lord with you through my tears of joy! I can just imagine Richie being so happy and his wonderful sense of humor coming out. I wish I could have been there for that defining moment. But, I will always hold dear the little conversation he had with the chaplain yesterday. We were in awe as Richie talked, and the chaplain stood there speechless and being completely inspired!!!

    Sure love each and every update!! Please keep them coming as often as you are able to!
    I love you both dearly,
    P.S. What did YOU eat for breakfast? : -)