Saturday, December 22, 2012


A beautiful Christmas
decoration from Mary!
We had a very nice day yesterday.  So many sweet people that Richie works with came to visit us.  It made the day go by so quickly!  They brought us all kinds of Christmas gifts and magazines to look at.  They even took me on a walk outside and brought back food from the cheesecake factory for me for dinner!    

You gotta love Jeff's sense of humor...
dart guns for Richie to shoot at the TV, window,
and/or nurses lol ;-)

We slept a lot better last night.  The Physical Therapist put a sign on our door that reads “Disturb Minimally.”  (Richie says we ought to add an “ed” to the end of disturb and then they’d really leave us alone lol )  So the nurses and PCTs have been so kind to coordinate their “visits” and lessen the disturbance at night.  Thankfully the pain medication pump and the other pumps didn’t break or have any problems last night.  It was nice to get a few solid hours of sleep.      

We talked with our doctor today about estimated departure dates…he said maybe Monday.  We’re content with whatever he decides, he knows best and we trust him!  We definitely don’t want to leave too early and have to come right back.  

Richie was put on a low-fat diet this morning.  Moving right along!  I think he’s going to order some diet vanilla pudding and a fat-free milkshake ;-)  He's also going to start on oral pain medication this morning.  yay!

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  1. It all sounds so good. Everything! I'm so glad to hear about your wonderful visitors and gifts, less disturbances at night, branching into a new aspect of the recovery diet (I'm sure it will all taste sooo good!), Richie's sense of humor, starting on oral pain meds and maybe home on Monday! Wow!
    We'll be praying for that, and that he will be ready by then in every way.
    We love you!