Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The pathology report on the tumors from Richie's belly came back today.  The doctor says it is Teratoma, which is very good news.  No cancer left alive!  Teratoma apparently is a type of germ cell that grows, but does not spread anywhere and is not life threatening unless you let it get so big that it messes up your insides.  Since they removed every little bit, they're not expecting to have it grow back. 

We've had such a nice day today.  Ron and Becky came to visit us for the afternoon!  We've had such a great time visiting.  Richie's taken a lot of walks today.  We're still waiting on him to pass gas before he can eat or drink.  He's so thirsty, poor thing!   

My folks stayed with us overnight last night and that helped us get some good rest.  There is a poor guy down the hall that would be in here visiting and selling us weed all night long if no one was around.  He said he doesn't even need to sleep anymore.  Wonderful.  Remember this man in your prayers! 

Rich and Janet are  here today too.  The day goes by so much faster with visitors to talk to!

Richie asked the nurses to borrow a stethoscope.  They said "you can HAVE one!"  We were thrilled!
So Richie's been listening to his belly for gas.  Whataya do when you're bored to death? 

Richie makes faces at me :-)

After no luck hearing anything moving around in Richie, Rich assured me that I'd be able to hear his intestines talking! 


  1. What wonderful news from the path report. I know this is probably the very best report you were hoping to hear... "doesn't spread... not life threatening... got it all." Yay!!

    The rest of the post just makes me giggle. What a fun game you have made of your situation. Tell Richie he should enjoy this one and only time in his life that he is being encouraged to let 'er rip! :)


  2. "For you make me glad by Your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands." Psalm 92:4

    We are rejoicing with you and praising the Lord for all He has done!!! This is such awesome news!

    So glad you've had such a blessed day!
    I love you two,

  3. Dear Richie and Lydia, Praise God for these wonderful news. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! "Let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise.(Hebrews 13:15) It gives us joy to see you laugh, enjoy your dear family and friends, and to be at the end of this long road. Bless you both for your continued faith thru it all, and your witness to the staff and others around you. I know some of the times have been rough, but God understands those moments too. We can't wait to see you. We'll be praying Richie can get thru this "next step" so you can come home. What a souvenir of your stay in the hospital-----a stethoscope ! :) Love you!!!

  4. So very happy to hear the news of the patology report. We look forward to seeing you soon and rejoicing with you. Hopefully you will be home soon. Much love, Meemom & pap Bob

  5. Yeah! We are praising the Lord with you! What a huge blessing that the pathology results came back with such wonderful news. You guys will be home soon. :)

    I love you and miss you both!

  6. SOO very happy to hear the good reports!
    Thanks so much for the updates, and keep them coming!
    With love,
    Smile! :)
    In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....

  7. Way cool pictures . . . is that an old fashioned phrase?? [consider the source :-)] We are praising God for Richie's progress and continuing to pray for his continuing improvement and that he will be able to start eating soon . . . Thanks again for the updates - they are a blessing . . . cyber hugs and love . . . Tom and Pat