Monday, November 19, 2012


I’m sorry it’s been another whole week since I’ve posted!

I’ve been sitting here in our cozy little house most of the day, conscious of the wind forcefully blowing the heavy rain against our large picture window.  Consequently, I have only ventured outside for one important thing…feeding my sheep and securing the beehives.  This relatively mild stormy weather has me thinking about the East coast and all that they’ve been though recently.  Although I am so sorry for the folks in New Jersey and New York, I’ve found it more difficult to find compassion in my heart for the many victims that have the “entitlement” mentality.  Stories of looting and generally selfish behavior disgusted me.  Especially since the East is considered one of the “most churched” areas in the nation.  It makes me ponder the consequences at hand, were a disaster of Sandy’s velocity to hit the more liberal and Godless states of Washington and California.  How would people react?  Like animals.  The instinct to protect themselves and their family against starvation, death, and discomfort will dissolve any single fiber of decency they once had.   Morals that are not grounded on the foundation of Biblical truth will not stand in a we have witnessed many times over.  People will fight to the death over the last smashed tomato left on the grocery store shelf.  

And I wonder….how long will God withhold his judgment on us?  Washington has chosen Godless government leaders again and again—ultimately siding with Satan rather than God.  They legalized same-sex marriage, kick God out of schools, accept evil for good by tolerating abortion, fornication, and adultery as a cultural norm, punish good and reward evil, elect a lying Socialist president twice and then sing “God Bless America” at the top of their lungs before the baseball game.  Ouch.  So far I’ve not read about any nation who turned its back on God in this way and survived to tell about it.

 It’s easy to become discouraged...why even bother to stay involved or informed if it’s all going down the tube?    But I believe every Christian alive today has been placed at this time in history for a reason.  Even when we don’t think we are making a difference, we are.  We are obliged to pray for the nation, illuminate the uninformed, and to be hope in the difficult times ahead.      

   Are we ready for judgment?  Are we ready to be part of a solution to whatever problems may arise, rather than part of the problem?  Richie and I frequently talk about self-sufficiency and its implication.  We believe that self-sufficiency does not mean that we are not dependant upon God to supply our needs.  Actually, it is very much the contrary.  We believe we are to use this time wisely to prepare for more difficult times, just like Joseph did in Egypt before the famine.  We want to be dependant on God rather than the government, as well as provide for those who were not prepared.

 Did you know that grocery stores today operate much differently than they used to?  They have very little or no stock on hand.  What you see on the shelves is all that they have, unlike the well-stocked store rooms that grocers had previously.  In stores today, as soon as something is purchased, the bar-code of that item is scanned and electronically added to the next shipment “list.”   What does this mean for you in the event of a disaster?  As soon as Wal-Mart’s shelves are looted and empty, there will be nothing for you to eat until the system is up and the trucks start trucking again.  And I wouldn’t recommend even going to a store in the even of a’re likely to get killed over a fight for the last bag of rice.  Is your pantry stocked enough to feed your family for even a week?  Most are not.    

We’re still in the process of being better supplied up here on the hill.  One thing we are probably going to do is go to Costco Business and buy rice and beans in bulk and store them in Mylar bags within food-grade 5 gal pails.  (You can get cheap food-grade pails at Home Depot, or free from local bakeries!)  Costco business is different than the regular COSTCO store; its focus is primarily selling to restaurants.  There’s one up in the Fife area.    

We must be ready to give of ourselves as we never have before.  We don’t know what is in store for us, but we know how it is ultimately going to end.  We don’t know that God won’t rapture us out of here tomorrow, but as long as we are on earth we have a duty to serve others and to show the hope, the future, and the priorities that we have though the way that we speak and act.  But that brings up another aspect of preparedness...If the Lord was to come tomorrow, would you be ready?  Do you know that you're going to spend eternity with Him?  It's a frightening thing to think of the alternative. 

Pastor Dean had a great sermon this week about Heaven.  John 14:3 says "And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am." 
I loved the analogy Pastor Dean came up with to explain how wonderful it is to know that God has prepared a place for us.  It went something like this.  

  Imagine that a hotel has been reserved for you.  Upon your arrival, there is a cozy fire flickering in the fireplace, the room is clean, the bed is made.  There is even a little dish of chocolates on the coffee table; each one inscribed with your name!  What does all this mean to you?  The hotel staff was expecting you!  Do you know for sure that God is expecting you in heaven?  If you believe that  Jesus died for your sins, you better belive He has not only prepared a breathtakingly beautiful and wonderful place for you in heaven, but is waiting in aticipation---for you, His bride! 



  1. Very, very good post, Lydia! It will be an exciting time to live for Christ soon, as if it is not already. It will be scary, but God obviously knows what He is doing. We need to prepare ourselves.
    BTW, if the world starts to end before Jesus saves us from what is to come, maybe we can assemble some sort of pretrib tribulation force with all the local Christians. United together might be the best idea to keep riffraff away, though we will have to be careful not to have any "freeloaders" join the group. I know, I have been reading too many Left Behind books, but if we got Darrel to train us all in tactical warfare, and how to hold our guns right.... :0). But seriously though, a homegrown militia might be needed again, ready to assemble at a moment’s notice, if America continues down this path.

    In Christ, Kyle

  2. Very good post, Lydia. :-)