Sunday, November 4, 2012

Babysitting and Cider Pressing

It's been awhile since I've done any babysitting.  Friday I had the privilege of babysitting my 3 little brothers, Timmy, Joe...and Benjamin. ( He's the little mischievous-looking one in the last picture.)  These guys are a lot of fun.  You just have to keep a good eye on "Bendabin" lest he start spraying Windex on the back of the counter or choke on the unfortunate Lego mens' heads he kept chewing on.  Not that any of this happened or anything.

 The frick and frack fire crew of Mossyrock!

Joe wanted me to play Lego's with him... Timmy played Darrell and I played Richie ;-)

After Lego's, we played Horseopoly. (I call it never-ending-opoly.)  

Here are some pictures that Timmy took with my camera...

I told him "It's OK Timmy, I don't really need a head anyway...the picture just looks artistic." lol


We also did our Cider pressing (most of it) on Friday.  It was fun, but we were pretty tired out by the time we finished!

Richie is cranking the handle, Rich is throwing in apples, and Joe and I are supervising!

Even though she was down with a cold, Janet is out washing the apples!  A true farm girl :-)

When the rest of the family showed up things really started moving!

Neither me or Mommy got pictures of Kyle cranking the wheel, but he's a strong guy and could do it fast and long!

Ahhhh the fruits of our labor!  I think we got a total of 14 gallons.  Not bad!  We still have quite a bit more to do.


  1. Isn't it fun babysitting! lol ;-)

    Good job with the cider!!! We just got through with canning grape juice. :-)

  2. Just love the pictures!!! They made us smile, and laugh!! I especially love the one of fire-fighters Frick and Frack! : -) And Richie and Darrell, the lego guys! And the ones Timmy took of you. (Such a beautiful donut maker!) LOVE IT!!! Oh, and your comment about "never-ending-opoly" really made us chuckle! : -)

    Thank you sooooooo much for babysitting!! The boys had soooo much fun with you.

    And we sure enjoyed being in on some of the cider pressing. It was really fun and the cider is oh-so-delicious! Thanks for inviting us and blessing us with so much! We are enjoying it immensely!

    Love you so much!

  3. Looks like a fun time! I can almost taste that cider. Yum!