Monday, November 12, 2012

A last-minute change of plans

A couple hours ago Richie got a call from his surgeon.  He told Richie that there is a man who is in very bad shape, and needs to have a 2-day surgery done this Wed. and Thurs. if they're going to have a chance at saving his life.  So, they have decided to push Richie's surgery back a couple weeks or longer.  We were very surprised, and rather disappointed.  We were really just wanting to get it over with, and had spent the last couple days preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally for the day.  But we know that even this turn of events is God's perfect plan!  The doctors are not worried about Richie's cancer spreading; they say that his is not a time-sensitive surgery. 
We'd like to ask you all to pray for this poor guy who is going in for surgery this week.  Please remember to pray for him on Wednesday and Thursday, just as you would have for Richie!   


  1. Yes, God is in control. :-)
    We will be praying for the man. And also you and Richie....

    Love ~ The Sympson Family :-)

  2. Praying for the man and for you guys as you adjust to the change of plans.

  3. Hey, maybe you can celebrate Thanksgiving twice then! Brought to you by your glass-is always-half-full, silver-lining-on-every-cloud brother!
    I will be praying for the guy today. I hope he comes through it okay and gives God all the glory! I will also be praying (albeit a little selfishly) for you and Richie. This must be like how the women felt like when her surgery was postponed so Mommy could have a C-section with Joe-Joe. As far as we know, Kyle's window is still open, right?