Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Some sweet friends from church gave us coupons for a couple nights at a very nice hotel.  Since the hospital still hasn't re-scheduled Richie's surgery, we decided we'd go ahead and go for a little vacation this weekend!  We're really looking forward to being able to just relax and enjoy some time together.  I'm very thankful that my sweet sisters and Daddy are happy to lead worship this week even though they'll be short their guitarist!  

Richie's been feeling really well...he's pretty much back to normal!  (As normal as Richie can be lol)  He had a physical this week for his CDL, and found that he was back to the weight he was before the whole ordeal.  I don't see how he couldn't be with all the good food we've been eating!  I'm sure he's built up the muscles that he lost too with all the walking he does.  

I put up our little 3' Christmas tree a few days ago.  It sure is nice to have one out here in the house.  I love it!        

 I took this picture yesterday on my walk.  Pretty huh?!

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  1. Ahhhh . . . I love the looks of your little Christmas tree. It's perfect for your cozy cabin! And the photo of the beams of sunlight coming through the trees is awesome! God is so good to give us such beautiful things to enjoy throughout our days. Did we tell you on one of our walks to the pond recently, we saw the two resident otters playing up close to the shore near the dock? We just stood there in awe, watching them for several minutes!

    We are so glad to hear about your fun trip coming up! It will be such good timing to get away together!!

    Love you so much,