Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy first of November!

Nothing all that exciting has been going on lately.  It's been so nice to have such a nice long stretch of "normal" life for these last couple weeks.  Soon, we're hoping to pick up our Jersey cow that we bought early in June.  She'll be due to calve around New Year's Day!

For the last couple days Sandy hasn't been feeling very well.  We weren't sure if she was hurt, if her allergies were bothering her, or if something else was wrong.  And now, we're wondering if the silly dog was having an emotional crisis...she may have got her feelings hurt by her young black lab friend Lucy when they were roughhousing.  Janet says Sandy has behaved this way before when she is upset.  She was more than happy to come in the house for a few days and lie by the stove and get lots of attention from all of us.  She might have been faking it just for some more attention ;-)  "No, not me!"  Sandy says. 

This is a really neat easy recipe that I think would be great to make for Christmas basket gifts!  Not that anyone's getting excited for Christmas already.

All you need is:
  • 2 C. Semi-sweet chocolate chips & 1 Tb vegetable oil (melt)
  • 1 1/4 tsp. peppermint extract (add to melted choc.)
  •  Ritz crackers (dip in choc/mint mixture!)

You'd never know they were Ritz crackers!  They're a lot like those thin mint cookies you get from the girl scouts!

Richie's been doing well, except that he caught my cold this week.  :-(  Although it's been difficult for him to get up so early for work, he's been able to go every day and do light duty.  He's a trooper.  I sure am proud of how tough he's been though the whole recovery from chemo.  He's really happy that his hair is starting to grow back! 

I had a nice day today at the Mossyrock Garden Club meeting.  I've missed all of those ladies very much!  Also had a worship practice session with my sweet sisters.  We're going to play a few of my favorites this Sunday...Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, Are You Washed in the Blood, and Lord I Give You My Heart...just to name a  few! 
Mommy even made us all delicious pumpkin spice lattes while I was there!!!!

God is so good.  He has blessed us two Tevis's beyond measure. 


  1. So excited to hear that you guys are leading worship this Sunday! Can't wait to worship with you!

  2. Sure enjoyed your visit today! Love time spent with you! And we all especially enjoy your guitar playing and beautiful voice.

    Thanks for helping me with the lattes! I think I need to practice my barista skills just a bit more!

    Oh, I sure hope Sandy is okay. It made us sad to think she might be sick. I hope she's just needing a little extra attention. : -) Give her some lovin' from us!

    Boy, those chocolate mint crackers sound wonderful!!! Perfect for this time of year. Another great recipe to try!

    So glad you were able to make the garden club mtg. I bet they were really happy to see you!

    Did Richie hear any fish singing today at work?

    Love you sooo much!

  3. Yeah! It's November! Another day closer to the end of the rainy season.. and it's hardly started.

    Those cookies look SOO good! We'll have to try them out here soon!

    Poor Sandy. I hope she starts feeling better soon! I betcha she's not feeling too poor right now though in the house!

    Did you see us all vigorously waving at you when you where leaving Blessings? We were practicing parallel parking by the school and were all crammed in the car waving at you!

    We have been praying for Richie's health and peace for both of you often.

    I love you!

  4. Glad to hear ya'll are doing well!

    Those cookies sound really good! I'll have to try making them.

    That is is so exciting about your cow! Are you keeping the calf? :-)

  5. Hi you guys :-)

    Mommy~ No, Richie doesn’t hear the fish singing because they’re too distracted (and mortified) as they listen to him belting out the National Anthem at the top of his lungs. ;-)

    Victoria ~ No, I didn't see you guys yesterday! I was too busy keeping my eyes on the "must stop for cross-walkers" signs by the school and trying not to run over any kids at the lunch hour. lol

    Hannah~ If Rosie has a girl, we'll definitely keep her! She would be a Jersey/Holstein mix. If it's a bull, we'll either keep and butcher him or sell him.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!