Friday, October 12, 2012

The Top Ten

Hooray!  It's Friday!

Top ten reasons I am THANKING the LORD today:

1. It's finally raining!
2. The woodstove is burning and smelling wonderful!
3. It's pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffin season!
4. I get to wake up and be married to my best friend every day!
5. Tomorrow morning maybe I can sleep a little longer :-)
6. Our little cabin is now clean and organized!
7. Richie has been recovering well and going to work every day!
8. I get to spend time with wonderful family every day!
9. Lucy greets me and gives me puppy kisses every time I go outside!
10.  We get to live, to work, to play, and to rest on one of the most wonderful and beautiful places on earth!

  What are YOUR top ten today????


  1. 1. Our heavenly Father taking care of little needs without us specifically even asking.
    2. Beautiful fall leaves, changing all sorts of brilliant colors. Actually, everything about the fall season!
    3. God's word that never changes and always has something new to speak to my heart.
    4. The freshness of rain after a long dry season.
    5. Free samples at Costco. Especially coffee and mini cinnamon rolls.
    6. Kids of all ages around me bringing smiles, laughter and great joy.
    7. A wonderful husband who loves spending time with his wife and kids.
    8. Supportive, encouraging, and loving extended family.
    9. Computers and internet to stay easily connected with all our loved ones.
    10. Keeping in touch with very special old and new friends.

  2. I am thanking the Lord today for..

    1. Having a wonderful, loving family
    2. Getting to wake up each morning knowing I am loved by God
    3. The trees outside that are absolutely beautiful
    4. Allowing us to have a great time in Federal Way this weekend!
    5. The health of my animals
    6. My beautiful horse
    7. My special goat Ruby
    8. The smell of the October air
    9. The rain that is so refreshing
    10. My sisters and brothers who make my life so enjoyable each day :o)

    I love you, Lydia!

  3. I am thanking God...
    1)That I am his Child
    2) For a loving ,godly home
    3) For 4 healthy, and special siblings
    4) For all my animals (for the good and naughty ones lol)
    5) For a loving Church Family :-)
    6) For my piano teacher
    7) For being blessed to live in the beautiful Northwest! :-)
    8)For the much needed rain!
    9)For the Freedom to read the Bible!
    10) For just His Wonderful Goodness and Mercy on such a sinner as me! :-)

  4. Thanks Mommy, Victoria, and Hannah for your imput! We have SO many reasons to be thankful, don't we?! God is SO GOOD!