Friday, October 5, 2012


Yesterday was a rather traumatic day.  The day before yesterday (Wednesday) I had to choke down a gallon of liquid torture in preparation for Thursday's colonoscopy.  Everyone assured me, the preparation is the worst part of the entire thing.  It would have been...had things gone as they should have. 

To begin with, the hospital called and changed my appointment to 11 instead of 10:30.  Well, they didn't call me back to the room until 12:30.  (We're just running a little behind, they said.)  It wouldn't have been so bad, except that I hadn't had anything to drink since 7pm Wednesday, and nothing to eat since Tuesday.  Ok.

After they took me to the room I got changed and ready for them to do vitals and start the IV line.  At that point I'm feeling pretty nervous and a little freaked out about getting an IV.  I've seen it done a million times in the last few weeks, it's nothing.  And it'll be over in just a second, I tell myself.  The nurse was really sweet and talked with me about the last few months events and how we're of the opinion that a stress/anxiety overload is what caused my problem in the first place.  Suddenly I start to get that awful feeling in my head that happens right before you black out.  I remember sort of groaning and telling her I think I'm going to pass out.... must have only been several seconds later that I woke up with these two weird people over me...I couldn't figure out who they were, where I was and if they were friendlies or not.   It was the most awful feeling.  I was trembling arms felt weak and useless, my head was spinning, and all I knew was "I want Richie!"  But no, they said, we're getting your mom, we need to know more about your history.  At that point I finally started to realize where I was, and between sobs I asked them what had happened.  "We think you had a seizure."  They told me.  "Has this ever happened before?"  "No."  "Has anyone in your family ever had a seizure?"   "Not that I know of."

I sure was glad to see my mom when they brought her in.  We were all pretty upset though that the nurses didn't let Richie come when I asked for him several times, and after my mom told the nurse that I'd probably like to see Richie first.

Anyway, to make a long story short, because they gave me something to drink after the event, and because they didn't want to anesthetize me if it had been a seizure, I wasn't able to have the procedure done at all.  Nuts.

The anaesthesiologist was of the opinion that it was a less serious phenomenon...similar to a seizure, but caused by anxiety/fear/stress.  Plus, I think I have inherited my mom's ability to pass out when something like this happens. ;-)

It was a pretty disappointing thought that I had suffered though a day of drinking disgusting laxative all for nothing.  But I DO BELIEVE that God causes everything to happen for a reason.  The doctor wanted to try again next week, but I told him..."Sorry but I don't think I can take 1 glass of that awful stuff again for awhile."  So he said he doesn't think it would be a problem at all if I wait until I finish my meds and see if my problem doesn't come back.  So far, I am pretty much back to normal;  obviously the meds have really helped. 

When you think of us, please pray that we would both be able to relax and not stress so much about the upcoming surgery for Richie.  I wish we had not been told about what a serious deal the surgery is going to be...that afterwards he will require 24 hrs in the ICU and then 7-10 days in the hospital.  I get so worried about whether I'll be able to stay with him in the room.  I think I might just loose my mind if I can't.  But I also know that the Lord will give us both the strength to get though whatever trials may come.  He has been so faithful to us all along. 

Richie has been back to work all this week except for yesterday. :-)  He is doing such a good job...I can't believe how he's been able to do these things after such a hard blow to his body.  He has had some pain this week  (headaches, back pain) but nothing serious, praise the Lord!  Hopefully he will continue to recover without any complications for the next few weeks.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, we love you all!


  1. Poor girl! It's no surprise that everything that's happened in the last several months would affect your nerves. Give yourself some time to heal, permission to relax.

    Although I'm sorry you weren't able to have Richie with you during the episode in the hospital, you did have your MOM! Mommies will always love their kids, whatever their age. And you have a great mom. BTW, even my daughters, as old as they are still send me "mommy" emails or make "mommy" calls.

    Praying, Cynthia

  2. Wow, I was prepared for a lighthearted tale about how awful the prep was, and how nervous you were when you went in, and then it was over before you had a chance to tell the nurses and doctors all your deepest secrets while under anesthesia. But no, this was a horror story! Lydia, how scary to have that "seizure" event and not have Richie there when you came to. Thank the Lord your mommy came right in when they called her. I'm with you, though, on not taking that phosphate twice in the same decade. (That's my guideline. ;) ) Hopefully, the meds can continue to address whatever your condition is and you won't need to try again for a looooong time.

    Try to relax a bit before Richie's surgery. Eat some brownies. That's what I would do. ;)

    And trust in Him. I'm praying for you. ♥

  3. So sorry to hear that. :-(
    God is in control though! Keep up the sweet spirit Lydia! :-)
    Praying for you my friend
    Love in Christ~ Hannah :-)

  4. Lydia~
    Sorry to hear you had to drink that stuff for nothing! I know how disgusting that is to stomach. Yuck!
    You were probably very dehydrated when going in for that procedure and that too could cause what happened to happen (Along with all the other components that is). So sorry girl that you were on such a roller coaster this week.
    It is hard to not have your honey at your side in that kind of situation...or any situation really. I must say though Moms are a very close second :) So glad she was there to be with you!
    Take care of yourself (by doing things you enjoy) And keep saturating yourself with Gods word and his promises to you. You truly are an example of a Christian woman!!! We love you and are praying too for the procedure Richie is having soon.