Monday, September 24, 2012

Whata Day

It’s been a busy day today!  Been cooking and baking, experimenting and cleaning up my messes since about 8am.  Here’s my day in short:

Made granola (To eat with the yogurt that has become my staple food!)
Made pumpkin-apple-cheesecake muffins
Picked blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
Made mixed berry muffins
Tried a new recipe for Pierogies
(Trying to) roast herbed roosters in the Traeger (will use the bones for chicken stock for canning green beans soon!) 
Picked more raspberries and blackberries
Made a blackberry and raspberry pie with new coconut oil pie crust recipe
Put half the dishes in the dishwasher, thought I was out of detergent...use dish soap instead.  very. bad.
Spent10 minutes cleaning up bubbles all over the kitchen floor and consoling myself when the dishes were almost dirtier than when I put them in.  Note to self:  (don’t ever use dish soap in the dishwasher)

It sure is nice to be home!

Richie’s felt much better just because he isn’t sitting in a hospital bed with chemo pumping through him.  He’s on his anti-nausea drugs, which make him tired.  But maybe that’s a good thing, he might overdo it if he wasn’t feeling drugged :-)


  1. Whew, I had to catch my breath just reading about ALL that you did today! :-) I can hardly believe everything that you accomplished! But I know you . . .and it is really just an ordinary day for you! But I do think you had a lot of energy building up while cooped up in the hospital room! And then, there was an explosion . . .of bubbles. . . .er, I mean energy around the house! ;-)

    It sure makes me smile, knowing how much you enjoy your homemaking! And how much your loved ones are enjoying the fruit of your labor!

    So glad Richie is feeling pretty good! He'll be getting better and better with each new day! And he'll be right back to his happy-to-be-busy self!

    I love you two so much and am so happy with you to have you back home and chemo finished!

  2. What a woman! I agree with your mom -- just reading that made me tired. Praise God for the enthusiasm and stamina He's given you! I'll bet watching you encourages Ritchie. Pretty soon he'll be up and at 'em along with you!

  3. So, I had to look up what Pierogies are. I actually read about them on Wikipedia! I learned that apparently, you can't eat just one.

    "The Polish word pierogi is plural;the singular form pieróg is rarely used, as a typical serving consists of several pierogi."

    Sounds good to me!! What did you fill them with?

    Love you,

  4. ha ha ha we've done the dishwasher ''don't''. I've also had the terrible experience of putting soap in the washing machine too..... same mess, only bigger!!

    You are making me very hungry thinking about all that food, especially the pumpkin spice muffins!!! :-)

  5. You are a busy one for sure good for you. I think I could learn alot from you Mrs. Teavis! I too have used dish soap in the dishwasher. I happened to be babysitting and we did not own a dishwasher I loaded it and went up stairs to play with the kids. Came back down and there was a huge mound of bubbles throughout the kitchen. I felt panic and started mopping and sweeping trying to get it all cleaned up before they returned and before the kids were up from their naps. What a nightmare it was, like a scene from a movie.
    Praying for you guys continually and love you lots! I know Richie has to be careful not to over do it but make sure you rest up at times too ;)
    I would Love to try the new pie crust recipe.