Friday, September 14, 2012


This is a poem I wrote one night when Richie and I were in the hospital.  Actually, this is a poem I wrote several years ago and edited.  The hill we call home is a very special one...and we're not the first generation to think that it is.  I was inspired to edit the following poem after clicking though some of my favorite photos from around the farm; photos that display God's incredible handiwork and unique design.  Pictures never capture the beauty quite as well as my own eyes do.  I guess that's just one reason why I'm so thankful to live here.

His great mercy has set me free,
His own child I am blessed to be.

For His great glory he gave me sight,
To see flowers, trees, and birds in flight.

Rolling hills and valleys, a delight to the eyes,
Misty grey mornings and bright evening skies.

How could someone so great as He
Care for a person so small as me?

With only a word, spoke the world into motion,
Even the smartest are awed by the notion.

By His grace I live another minute,
His creation is lovely; I am blessed to be in it.

He listens to hear our every cry,
So very grateful for His love am I.

He patiently waits to cast cares away,
If only I would seek Him every day.

The Lord alone is a shelter for me,
A tower of strength against the enemy.

I am kept safe, protected by His love,
So many wonderful things He sent from above.

I cannot believe that He died for me,
There is nothing I have done to deserve Him, you see.

This Glorious One holds my life by a thread,
I owe Him my all, for He rose from the dead.

So many people, yet He cares for me,
So many to care for, I’m small as a flea.

But what God sees is not me, but my problems small,
He designed the plan and can conquer all.

The One that created our time domain,
Sees yesterday, today, and tomorrow the same.

The great trials of life I will not fear,
Because I know that God Almighty is near! 


  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem, Lydia. Much love to you and Richie. You remain in my prayers...

  2. Yes, thank you for sharing what is on your heart through this beautiful poem. It's so good to remember and be grateful for all that we are and have in Christ! It just makes me so happy too, knowing how much you love your new married life and home. You are still such a radiant bride!!

    Love YOU!

  3. Lovely poem Lydia! :-)