Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Richie has been doing VERY well!  He didn't have any nausea this time around, which made for a much easier trip home Sunday, and then back up to Virginia Mason today for his blood draw and appointment with Dr. Nichols.  Thank you SO much for praying...God worked through the new anti-nausea drug they gave Richie to keep him eating, drinking, and feeling really well! 

We have a new prayer request for this week.  The doctor told us that he thinks the excruciating back pain (that Richie had to go to the emergency room for) was probably caused by the  "Nufella" shot that he gets 2 days after the last chemo to boost his white blood cells back up.  So, it is likely that he will have back/hip pain again every time he gets the shot (it was given to him today.)   The doctor prescribed a strong pain medication for him to take when he starts to feel the pain coming on.  Please pray that if he does start to feel the pain, it will be controlled by the medication he was given, and ideally that he would not experience any pain at all this week!

This week has already been a busy one, and I think it will continue to be!  My sweet sister Valerie came up to help me get more than 2 dozen quarts of dilly beans canned.  Tomorrow I'm planning on starting some tomato sauce for some salsa.  It is kind of a big project, so I like to work on making and boiling down the sauce the first day, and finishing and canning the salsa the next day.  Today Richie took me and his folks on the grand tour of Costco Business.  There are some great deals there,  so we bought some shelves for the kitchen and a bunch of bulk grocery items.  It's a really neat store, so I am sure we are going to be shopping there often! 


  1. Praying for you! :-)
    I am sure the salsa is going to be delicious!
    Costco is like a Walmart to my family... Since we live almost 2hrs away from everything we really have to stock up on groceries! lol
    God Bless ~ Hannah

  2. So very happy to hear the encouraging report - keep them coming! We love you all

    Still praying!

    Smile! :)
    In His presence is FULLNESS of joy...