Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today was another very nice productive day.  Richie continues to feel well, and has been working around the place a little more every day.  Today he did some mowing and worked on a project in his shop.  He definitely got a lot of walking in!  Probably by tomorrow his white blood cells should have recovered and come back up, so we shouldn't have to worry about infections anymore.  That will be a relief for both of us!  I picked and canned a couple dozen jars of plums today, made some french sandwich rolls, started some meat in the crock pot,  picked some apples, and worked a little on a scrapbook of all the wonderful wall pictures and decorations from the hospital. 

We sure miss everyone at church though!  Hopefully we'll be able to come a little more regularly for a while now!  Thank you so much Ron for faithfully bringing us the sermon on CD every Sunday afternoon.  What a blessing!


  1. Lydia, I told your mom you are just about the most ambitious young woman I've ever seen! You are busy busy from sun up to sun down, and keep such a sweet spirit. Those rolls and plums look delicious! That Richie is one lucky guy to have won your heart.

  2. I can smell that fresh home baked bread...just from looking at it!!