Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sorry it's been so long again since the last time I posted!  We've had some very busy days! 

Today Richie has gone back to work for the first time since before our wedding on June 16th.  He has missed being able to work very much.  The managers and employees at the dam have gone out of their way to make sure that Richie is able to keep his job through all of this.  They set aside hours and hours of light duty work for him, and many folks are standing by ready to donate their vacation hours.  What a blessing!

Obviously, Richie has been feeling pretty well these last few days.  He took the heavy medications for back pain on Saturday and Sunday, so although he had some back soreness, he never did experience the awful spasms!  Thank you for praying! 

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  1. Hi Lydia,
    You and Richie are in my prayers. I often drive by your road and when I do, I pray for both of you. Becky keeps me up to date on how things are going.
    God bless!