Saturday, September 1, 2012


It has been a very good day today!  We had some wonderful visitors all morning...Richie's sister Joy, Rich, Uncle Darrell and Uncle Jim all came up for a few hours. 
It's been sort of a crazy's a good thing Richie's paying attention, or a lot of things could have happend that didn't need to, and he'd be confused out of his mind.  There are tons of doctors; none of them seem to communitcate with each other, and none of them have a clue about what the plan is so they ask us every day.  They sure have been drawing an awful lot of blood today.  I'm kind of suprised Richie has any left!

Last night's sunset was a very beautiful one.  Unfortunately, Richie slept (snored) though it.  (Actually, I was glad that he was getting some extra sleep.)  The sunsets are prettier at home anyway. :-)  As much as we dislike it here at the hospital, the city lights at night are neat to see. 
I think this is a really cute picture of Joy and Richie :-)

  Next time I blog we will probably be home!  Overall this hospital stay has definitely been much more tolerable for Richie than the others.  Praise the Lord!   I can't believe how much he's been able to eat.  The new pre-med for the nausea helped a LOT, but we also know that SO many of you have been praying for Richie's nausea and that's what really makes a difference!  THANK YOU so much!!!  The numbers are all looking very good. (They're down to normal levels now!)  I'm starting to get excited for us to be back to a "normal" kind of life.  We hardly even had the chance to get used to normal.  But this was God's perfect plan for us...I'm good with that! ;-)

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