Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crawdad Adventure!

Last week Richie got all excited about crayfish catching.  A while back he bought some traps that have been sitting over in a friend's shop for awhile.  So, he decided it would be fun to go and get those traps and see if we had any good populations of crayfish in the local creeks.  Unfortunately, after leaving the traps in 3 different creeks and checking them for a couple of days, we were coming up empty-handed. 

So, Richie decided to let my brothers borrow the traps, so they could try them over in Winston Creek and Swofford Pond. 

They had better luck than we did!  They got about 10 crayfish  That's enough to feed the family...
...especially if half the family can barely stand to look at the creatures and utterly refuses to taste

The family invited us over to share in the feast.  It was really fun getting the meat out of the shells.  You can tell from the look on my face. 

Daddy's about to gorge himself on the finished product.  Yep. That's about what 10 little crawdads looks like shelled!


  1. Very entertaining. :) But you forgot to say how they tasted ~


  2. Did you actually eat one? lol :-)

    I am sure it tasted nothing like gourmet lobster. ;-)