Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Weeeeeee're back!!!!

And it’s not like we’re thrilled to be here…It almost looks like it from the way I used those exclamation points.
That’s ok though.  I can’t tell you how THANKFUL we are for all of the medical expertise and friendly staff up here.  It’s good to know Richie's in good hands…even though I know he is already in the hands of the Greatest Physician! 

This morning went very smoothly.  The drive went well, as did the blood draw and meeting with Richie’s doctor. Dr. says everything is looking good and going well, and Richie conveyed that he is definitely feeling a lot stronger going into chemo this time than he did last month. (He was weaker last time because of being laid up for so long after the surgery, and I am sure the cancer was also wearing on his body!)

Now we are sitting in our room while Richie gets pumped full of fluid in preparation for chemo.  We both had a couple of pretty good burgers (compared to home-grown and grilled) and steak fries for lunch.   Richie even added a bowl of chowder and a pop and iced tea to that.  :-)   By the way, he’s gained back almost all of what he lost over the course of the last month…he’s back up to about 190 lbs rather than 178!  :-) :-)

We are so grateful for all of the love and support from our family and from all of you.  SPECIAL thanks to you, Rich and Janet for driving us up here, and to my mom and dad for decorating our room so beautifully, and to Janet Foss for the LOVELY flowers!  We love you guys!!!!

Beautiful flowers from a very skilled florist and friend from church.  This is her website...if you ever need flowers for any occasion, I highly recommend her!!!   http://www.jfossgardenflowers.com/ 

The decorations my folks put up for us...wonderful pictures from home sweet home!

That's Elsie...one of my 6 sheepies ;-)

That's June...

And this is our Jersey cow Rosie (who we haven't brought home yet) and Sandy Richie's adorable and sweet 3-legged dog who's also known for cabbage-eating and visiting the neighbor. Ya gotta love 'er. 

Door decor  ;-)


  1. YOU TWO are a BLESSING!!!!! We are soooo very proud of you. (In a good way, of course! : -) You bring us such JOY as your parents. THANK YOU for the blessing of being able to walk with you on this journey.
    With a double hug,

  2. I see your mom's hand in the room decorations. You are blessed!