Friday, August 31, 2012


Today has been a good day!  Richie still hasn't had much nausea at all, and has been eating good meals and getting lots of rest.  It was a nice quiet day seems like there were not as many nurses coming in and checking on us all the time.  We went out twice to walk up and down the long empty hallway at the end of the hospital hall.  It's a great place for Richie to stretch out his legs and get a little exercise.  And we sure did need a walk after the wonderful home-made cinnamon rolls that Richie's brother's fiancee Rachel brought us last night!   

Yesterday we decided that today would be the day that we order some seeds from Heirloom Acres.  They're having a sale right now that ends tomorrow.  We were excited and a little proud of ourselves for giving ourselves an important job to do. :-)   We bought a bunch of seeds to grow in our greenhouse after it is built in the fall.

Just one more day in this place and we get to go home!!!!! 

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  1. Yeah! So glad to hear that Richie has done so well, so far. We'll keep on praying! I am so happy for you that your week is almost over and you'll be home tomorrow. Can't wait to see you both. That is great that you're both walking about some. The cinnamon rolls sure sounded yummy! There's not much else that comforts the body like home-made cinnamon rolls!:)

    I can sure see God using the two of you in amazing ways to comfort others in the future.

    My heart overflows with joy over you two,