Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today has been a good day all things considered!  We had a wonderful visit with Richie's folks and sister Joy this morning.  Richie has been handling the chemo well...he's had to be on quite a few anti-nausea drugs.  Last night was a typical hospital night, but we both managed to get some sleep. 

They decided today that Richie needs to have a blood transfusion because of his low blood cell numbers.  I think it should make him feel a lot better.  This is the first transfusion he has ever had, so we're a little nervous about it I guess.  They do it often with chemo patients of the nurses told us that she would be very surprised if one was to get through 4 chemo sessions without needing a blood transfusion.  Please pray that it goes well and that Richie's body accepts the blood and has no reactions to it! 

We're still enjoying the pictures on our wall very much, and so are all the nurses and doctors!

Today we only had 1 catastrophe...the IV nurse didn't screw Richie's saline line on tight when he cleaned up the IV site this morning.  As Richie was peacefully eating is breakfast of muffins, toast, a banana and granola, the line came undone and started spilling blood all over.  He quickly pushed the nurse call button, and after a few minutes the nurse finally showed up.  It's a good thing Richie knew how to kink of the line (from observing how the nurses do it) or there would have been a lot more blood all over the place! 

These are pictures from our hospital room taken yesterday.  It's been a little cloudier today. 

The following pictures are from the Threshing Bee at Toledo last weekend!  We had a great time (even though we had to take Ron along lol:-)  We love ya!

The flea market at the event is full of interesting objects!

This is a very old fire steam engine.  Richie says there's only a few of them left here in the U.S.  It was neat to see it up and running!
We all enjoyed the corn-on-the-cob for $1 an ear!

This is the threshing machine.  The grain comes out of that shoot and into the white sack on the right.
This is the steam engine at the other end of the belt that runs the threshing machine.

This is the entire set up from a distance.


  1. Oh boy! Good thing both of you aren't too squeamish about such things! (Though I'm sure having it happen during breakfast didn't exactly help your appetites!) Ah, just one more memory to laugh about. . . in the future! :-) So glad we KNOW that God causes ALL things to work together for GOOD! : -)

    Glad you had such a nice visit today with Rich, Janet and Joy!! Such good company!

    Love the pictures from the Threshing Bee! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

    Thanks for the great update!
    Love you both so much,

  2. Praise the Lord Richie knew what to do! :-)
    We went to the Toledo Threshing Bee too. Only we went because a friend of ours was in the tractor pull! Glad ya'll had fun .... to bad we didn't see ya'll there!