Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Good morning friends and family!

Last night we slept fairly least we were able to get a few good hours in before the wee hours of the morning when they start waking us up every 10 minutes for vitals, weight, blood draws etc.  The nurses are concerned about Richie's red blood cell numbers, and may very well have to give him a blood transfusion.  Our nurse says she would be very surprised if he gets though 4 chemos without getting a transfusion, so they do see this problem fairly regularly.  It doesn't sound like it's that big of a deal...they just bring in the blood and start the infusion just like they do with the chemo.  But it will probably delay the chemo, since you can only be infused with so much at a time.  Please pray that Richie's numbers will go back up so that the blood transfusion will not be necessary!   


  1. We're on it! Thanks for letting us in on this new opportunity to pray and trust in God's loving and good plans for you.
    We love you!
    Mommy, for all of us :-)

  2. On for prayers here in Montana, too. God bless you both - love you!

  3. Praying without ceasing! :-)