Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello everyone...I'm sorry it's been awhile (again:-) since my last post.

Saturday and Sunday were a couple of good days for us.  Well...until Sunday night, that is.  Saturday we went to a wonderful memorial service for Richie's great Aunt Ruth, who went to be with the Lord on August 8th. 

 Sunday morning we rested, and then headed out to visit and buy some BBQ wood pellets from some friends who own the D&R Nursery in Mossyrock.  After that, we stopped at a garage sale and Richie found a thingamajig that he's hoping to use on one of his machines.  We decided after that stop that we were getting hungry, so we stopped for some linner in Mossyrock and visited with one of Richie's good friends there.  As we were eating dinner Richie started feeling some pain up and down his right leg, but it wasn't too bad.  After dinner we drove out a couple miles to visit some other good friends, and by the time we left their place, Richie had somewhat bad pain in both legs.  By 9pm, the excruciating spasms had greatly increased, and shifted from the full length of his legs to his lower back and to his knees.  The pain was to the point where he could barely stand and hardly walk.  We tried everything.  Lying on the floor, on the bed, in the chair, on his stomach, on his back with bags of ice that Janet brought us and frozen rhubarb and pancakes.  The pain grew more and more severe...he couldn't stay in one positon for more than a couple seconds, and it hurt to move too.   Because Richie is on an anti-nausea medication that will react with some drugs, we didn't want to take any pain killers without first consulting with the on-call oncologist.  When I called the 24hr number for the hospital, the receptionist assured me that the doctor would call us back shortly.  We waited over an hour.  Nothing.  The pain was so bad that we decided he better go ahead and take something.  He did, and it didn't do anything to cut the spasms.  This was the worst pain Richie has ever experienced; (and he's had a lot of serious injuries in his life) he was screaming out in pain every 30 seconds or so as the spasms racked his body.   It was the most horrible thing ever to see him feeling so terrible, and not be able to do anything to but hold him tight.  I called Richie's folks and told them that we better take him to the emergency room.  Rich came down to get us, but quickly decided that there was no way we were going to be able to get Richie to the car in the condition he was in.  It was very wise that they called the ambulance to come and take us to Centralia.  The ride was strangely comfortable for Richie, as the spasms quit for that short period of time.  We are convinced that God gave him that nice little break because of all the prayers going up for him at that point.  It was nice to be among friends in the ambulance during such a frightening time.  Richie was on the volunteer fire department for awhile, so he knew everyone well, and I knew them because everyone knows everyone in Mossyrock! 

That was the longest ride into Centralia I've ever experienced, though we were going 20mph faster than I've ever traveled on the road.  It's such a scary feeling to know something is terribly wrong, but to be totally unsure of what is causing it.  It was wonderful to have the support of both our parents there at the hospital so early in the morning! In the emergency room they did some tests and gave Richie some very strong pain killers and muscle relaxants, which did help.  We were sent home about 6am this morning, and Mommy went and picked up some prescriptions for him.  He's feeling quite a bit better now if he lies still.  He saw Dr. McCurry this afternoon and had x-ray's taken, and there was nothing abnormal.

What caused all this severe pain and spasms?  No one is really sure.  But what we do know, is that Richie has been doing very little these last few weeks as far as jumping in and out of his truck, standing for long periods of time, and picking up and carrying objects heavier than 10 lbs.  He did several of these things multiple times on Saturday and Sunday.  It's possible that he just twisted his back throwing the BBQ pellets into the truck bed and just didn't notice it.  He's also been sleeping in a recliner in our house since early July.  Furthermore, we know from a friend and cancer "expert"/survivor that chemo messes with your nerves.  The chemo treatments may have made his nerves more sensitive to irritations and damage.  

Right now the plan is to have a precautionary MRI done of the lower back region sometime soon.  Hopefully it can be done at a close-by hospital! 

 Thank you all for your prayers!  We love you all! 


  1. No apologies needed! : -) You're being a wonderful helper to your amazing husband, so we surely understand your limited time at the keyboard. (Although, we are all so grateful and anxious for each and every update!!!)
    We love you two soooo very much!

  2. Do you suppose it was sciatica nerve? I had that once (while visiting Robin in Boise) and it was so awful I just writhed in pain and cried. I went to a chiropractor twice and an MD for strong pain meds in just 2 days. I have such sympathy now for anyone having sciatica after experiencing that. I'm so glad they were able to relieve Richie's pain and I hope it's nothing more serious than that. Or just another thought: is there a possibility he had a kidney stone?

  3. We were so glad to see both of you at the memorial service. We are so sorry to hear of your miserable night. We shall pray for no more like that. I (Jeff) once took Dad (Richie's grandpa) for an MRI at the Morton Hospital. It seemed to be state-of-the-art equipment. You might look into that so that you do not have to drive so far for this.
    Uncle Jeff, Aunt Sheila, Wendy, and Kari