Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Thank you all for your prayers! 
We finished the 2nd round of chemo on Sunday morning, and Richie was feeling relatively well at that point.  But by Monday night, he was feeling very, very poorly and throwing up everything he tried to put down, including water. 

Needless to say, the early morning ride up to the hospital was a long one on Tuesday.  The first thing scheduled there was to go to the infusion room for a blood draw, after which was an appointment with the Dr. to go over the results.  Well, Richie was feeling so bad that we didn't even end up going to his regular scheduled doctor appointment with the Dr; he came to us in the infusion room and prescribed some IV fluids and anti-nausea dexamethizone to see if that would fix Richie up.  That didn't do the trick, as Richie was still feeling terrible and trying to throw up though he had nothing in his stomach at all.  The Dr. decided to have him admitted to the hospital for at least one night, and possibly two since he was dehydrated and in such bad shape. 

One big answer to prayer was that they put us in a private was very (kind-of...for a hospital) quiet and we didn't have to worry about what infections or diseases Richie could pick up from having another sick neighbor in the room while his white blood cells are down. 

They continued to pump him up with fluids and anti-nausea in the hospital all day and night, and by this morning he was feeling a LOT better and was able to keep food and drink down, so they let us go around noon.  As much as we dislike staying in the hospital, we are exceedingly grateful for the amazing technology and advanced medical care that God has allowed Richie to receive there.

From now on, Richie is going to take not only the required medications, but also the one that is as-needed.  We attempted to avoid one medication because of the side effects (made him really goofy) and it apparently can be quite addictive.  This drug is sort of their "go-to" drug when the others are not keeping up with the nausea, but they didn't require that he take it.  By the time he's feeling nauseous, he can't keep his pills down long enough to do any good, and since he can't keep his pills down he feels worse and can't stay hydrated, which of course only makes him feel even more like vomiting!  We are now a little more aware of how quick the nausea can progress and dehydration can get started. 

For the next treatment, Richie's oncologist is going to prescribe a longer lasting anti-nausea medication to be started before or real early in the next chemo infusion session to keep this situation from developing in the week following the infusion.  Please pray that this medication will work particularly well for Richie during the 3rd session of chemotherapy.

Well, that's about all the news I have for you right now folks!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers, sweet encouraging cards, and support! 


  1. Oh guys I'm so sad to hear your first bit of news but very glad it has all worked out. Will pray that Richie stays on a more even keel from now on and extra stays in the hospital will not happen in the future. =O)

    Prayers and hugs sent your way!
    Jeff & Jodi

  2. Good Morning Guys!

    Praying you had a good night back home and will see continued improvement. I know it's getting harder, but God is with you, loves you, and has a purpose for you both in this. Keep loving and serving one another . . . and trusting in Jesus. (Psalm 73:23-28).
    Love, Dad Bowes

  3. I'm so sorry Richie has been having such a sick time. I hope the new protocol will work much better for him. Take care you two, and be blessed! xoxox