Monday, July 23, 2012


We're so happy to be home!!!

Richie is doing pretty well.  He's been feeling tired and nauseous, but is glad to be here rather than in the hospital.  He said this morning that smells really affect him, so we need to be careful with what soaps/smells we have around the house.  He is still able to eat good meals though, and food still tastes good to him. 

Yesterday I disinfected EVERYTHING we brought into the hospital.  I even washed the clothes we never took out of our suitcases, wiped down my laptop, Richie's shaver and Cpap, and all of the cords to everything with disinfectant wipes, and sprayed down all the bags, suitcases and shoes with disinfectant.  Maybe that's a little overkill, but it makes us  feel a lot better!  It was also nice to take a shower at home.  The shower water at the hospital will get to  just over lukewarm, and when we'd finish our showers we'd almost feel just as dirty as before we took them.  I won't go into details about why, don't know how strong everyone's stomachs are ;-)   (*'s a shared shower with the neighbor*)

We had a great nights sleep last night.  No alarms, beeping, buzzing, banging, sirens, other traffic noise, nurses coming in to make sure we're still alive, people yelling and laughing in the hall, or noise from the neighbor's cage fighting TV show every day.  It's amazing how much more I appreciate the peace and quiet of the hill after living at the hospital for 6 days.   

Today we're just taking it easy.  It's just so beautiful up here.  Did I mention how happy we are to be home?!  Right now Rich and Janet are out putting chips around the blueberry bushes.  The berry patch is full of berries right now.  The wildflowers are blooming and the garden is growing well!  I'll be posting some pictures soon!!! 



  1. Amen! We're so glad you're home too!!! Thanks for the update! Good job on getting every sparkling clean. I'm sure that felt really good! We'll be continuing to pray for Richie's recovery in every way. Big hugs to you both and with much love,

  2. So glad you're home! Thanks for the update, Lydia. Sending lots of love to you and Richie.

  3. Welcome home!! Gotta love your own shower! Agree with you there, city water dries my skin out. Glad that you guys are doin well :-)

  4. Home never feels so good until you leave and come back. I think it's God's way of reminding us how lucky we are and to appreciate what we have while we have it! Very glad you're home and things are going well. Good to hear Richie's appetite hasn't changed. Two cheeseburgers along with pie and ice cream made by can't beat that! Hope today isn't too taxing for him and you get positive news.

    Love to you both,
    Jeff & Jodi

  5. Praise the Lord!
    Thank you for the updates. We are still praying for you guys.
    Love in Christ ~ Hannah