Monday, July 16, 2012


Today is our 1 month anniversary!

It is also the first day we are to spend inside the hospital. 

This is not exactly the way we would have planned on spending it, but we are happy to be together, thankful for all of the prayers being prayed for us, and satisfied with God's perfect plan!     

Today has been a good day.  There were a couple of procedures done on Richie today...the insertion of a port catheter for the chemo, and also a stent that will help drain the kidney into the bladder.  There was pressure put on the kidney from one of the tumors, so that had to be cleared before the chemo can start.  Everything has gone smoothly, save for the 3 hrs Richie had to spend in the recovery room due to mis-communication and complications.  When I asked my man how he was feeling he said "I don't have any pain at all...except that my butt is sore from sitting here for hours!"  It is amazing how sweet and friendly ALL of the nurses and doctors all.  They apologized profusely and gave us a whole stack of free meal and parking vouchers!  It has been a good experience, all things considered.  One sweet, smiley, bubbly, little nurse apparently snuck me into the pre-operation waiting room before they took him into surgery.  I guess normally they don't allow that at all.  So many little blessings God has showered us with...they make a huge difference!  

Today our wonderful family stayed with us most of the day.  They decorated our room and brought us all kinds of wonderful food!  They are incredible, encouraging, and always know just what to say to brighten us up. 
We even have a nice view out the window.  Nice for the city I guess.  I already miss the view from our little place on the hill though.  We're definitely "fishes outa water" up's hard for us both to be away from home.  Well, most of you know that...we only took a 2 day honeymoon because we wanted to get back to our little place where the chickens sit outside the door for scraps, the horses happily mow the lawn, and Sandy the 3 legged dog and Lucy the puppy come with tails wagging to meet us.  I miss the garden already, but I am so thankful that Janet has been taking such great care of it.  Later I will post pictures of it ;-)

There are good days and bad days, and really--it's a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day.  Sometimes I wish we could be spending our days like any other newly married couple.  It hurts to see and think about the person who I love most having to go through all of this.  Sometimes I wish it was all just a terrible nigthmare that I desperately want to wake from.  But our God is faithful, He is with us, and He is blessing us, and showing us His love every day.  And really, I'm exactly where I want to be.  In the center of God's will, and sitting right besides my amazing guy.  I couldn't be happier anywhere else.  For me, the most difficult part is over.  I hate being away from Richie for more than a few minutes, and of course that is necessary during operations.  For the next few months anyway, we're done with those!

Please pray that Richie's body will respond well to the chemo in the next few days, and that he would still have an appetite.  Pray for our "mission" up here as well...that we would have opportunities to share who Jesus is and what He has done for us.  Pray that we won't go crazy in this extremely liberal, busy, over-crowded, and most least-favorite place in the entire state!!!! :-)

Pretty flowers and wonderful food my folks brought us!

Verses they taped on the wall

Sign they taped on our door

Richie enjoying his chocolate milk shake!


  1. Oh Lydia you and Richie are on my heart. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and comfort. You and Richie are blessed to have each other! I love you honey so much! Thanks for the updates and pictures. What a beautiful outpouring of love! Please let me know of there's anything I can do to help out in the months to come...I will be there gladly...
    Love Aunt Kelley

  2. Good Morning Lydia & Richie,

    Our God is greater, our God is stronger
    God You are higher than any other
    Our God is Healer, awesome in power
    Our God, Our God...

    Heard this song on the way home last night and it made me smile, almost as much as reading your post this morning :o).

    You two ARE right where God wants you serving and trusting in Him ... together ... with a milkshake on the side!

    Psalm 73:25-28

    I Love You Both!

  3. Crossroads RanchJuly 17, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    So glad Richie got to enjoy a chocolate milk shake! : -) That must have been a refreshing treat after such a looonng day! I hope the city lights out your window had a special beauty about them last night. We're thinking about you two lots throughout our days and praying for you and trusting that our Father will be lovin' on you in special ways as He works all things together for good. We sure were in awe and blessed by your wonderful, cheerful hearts yesterday, as I know everyone will be that is around you. We can't wait to see you again. We love you sooooo much!
    Mommy, for all of us

  4. Looks like you both are being well taken care of. Sending love and hugs, and lifting up prayers. xoxox

  5. Morning Lydia & Richie! I tried to send a message yesterday and I'm not sure you received it so am trying another route today. I'm having trouble with signing up for google apps so we'll see if this works.

    Glad to see Richie's smiling face and read your most interesting report Lydia! Good to know your journey is well underway and am truly enjoying the "side trips." Looking forward to reading the next one. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always.
    Hugs sent your way!!!! Bbbbbiiiiigggg squeeze.....

    Jeff & Jodi