Monday, May 21, 2012


Valerie's last Labrador went to his new home a few days ago.  He was a sweetie!

My poor nasturtiums have suffered under the grow lights in the garage for months.  They look sort of like they went through a terrible drought and then got stepped on by a herd of elephants. 
I did notice a few little flowers on one or two of them though :-)

We went to Ike Kinswa park on Saturday and had a great BBQ without plates or utensils to spread the mayo.  Ya gotta love last minute planning.  ;-)
Sunglasses make great knives to spread with.

Down by the river in Morton

Timmy has been enjoying is first year of T-ball very much! can't don't let your children kiss puppies do you?!!!


  1. awww, Ben has gotten so big! He's a cutie! :-) Love the pictures... they are absolutely beautiful Lydia!

  2. Beautiful photos, Lydia! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.