Monday, January 16, 2012

More Snowy Pictures

Several more inches of snow accumulated today.  Oh boy!

Daddy out on Papa Bob's tractor clearing our road of snow

Catching snowflakes

I'll bet we could fit the whole family on Papa Bob's JD
Here we are returning from an exciting episode of get-the-giant-moving-truck-out-of-the-ditch.  Eventually, the driver had to call Mossyrock's toe truck, which, after quite a bit of struggling, pulled the heavy truck out.  More pictures on this story to come!

I dirty wet gravel bottom for me!  lol   Actually, I walked up and down that hill 5 or 6 times today.  I've made it a daily commitment, rain, snow or shine :-)

I imagine Daddy telling one of his famous corny jokes and Joe covering his ears in this photo :-)

You didn't know that (among his many other skills) my Daddy is also a self-taught choreographer? 
Benjamin is the smart one of the Bowes.  He stays inside on cold winter days!

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