Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Events Of 1-6-12

My bees are still alive!  At least, some of them are :-)

Danny dog with sad eyes

Caroline is getting Bubba's saddle on

Horses and cows have such pretty eyes!

Daddy's Birthday was Jan. 6th.  For a fun birthday activity, He wanted to go on a walk.  Unaware of any impending doom, we blissfully saddled up our horses, put our dogs on leashes, grabbed our bikes and set out for a little adventure down to Swofford Pond.   (Unbeknowest to us, it would start pouring rain/snow on our 15 min walk home.)  But I won't complain. We're Washintonians now.  We're tough ;-)

On our way down the hill we stopped at Meemom and Papa Bob's to see how their little gathering place was coming along. 

When it is finished, it will be a nice spot to have a fire pit and hang out on summer evenings.

The Jolly's horses always come to greet us and gawk at the strange parade passing by.

I named this horse blazer when we first moved here to Mossyrock.  His real name is "Harley," his owner tells me...but he will always be "Blazer" to me! 

In the afternoon we went out to Ocean Sky for Chineese food with Richie, Meemom, and Papa Bob.  When we were totally full and stuffed, we came home and ate some cake ;-)  Then since we were all too full to sleep, we watched a movie until 11pm.  It was a long, fun day!

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