Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Easiest Way to Shear a Sheep

These are the clippers I am used to using to shear the sheep.
Shearing isn't easy.  I never look forward to doing it, and I don't think the sheep look forward to having it done.  You'd think after having sheep for 5-6 years, I'd have it down pretty well. Well, surprise! 
A perfectly shorn sheep is a work of art...and one that you will probably never see when I'm the one doing the shearing.  The easiest way to shear a sheep is not to shear one. 

But, it must be done. 

Today I tried out some new (old) clippers that a friend from church gave to me.  These clippers are worth hundreds of dollars, plus they make the job a little easier, so I decided I better learn to use them.  And actually, I was quite pleased with the results!

Below are the clippers that most people use to shear their sheep.  I was always afraid of them, because they are big, heavy, and just plain...scary lookin'. 
I think Petunia liked this method more than the hand clippers, despite their loudness.  They vibrate and the head gets nice and warm.  That combined with the combing and the resulting fewer nicks and cuts made for a much nicer experience. 

I should have taken a "before" picture! 
Petunia was chewing on that piece of wool hanging from her nose.  Silly sheep.

If I blanketed my sheep the wool would be great for spinning or felting.  When it gets full of hay though, it's not worth the work of picking all the little pieces out. 

Hard to believe that all came from one little sheep!

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