Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ag Show

Yesterday Daddy, Kyle, Timmy, Joe, and a few friends took the van down to a big Agriculture Show at the Expo Center in Portland. 
I think we're lost!  lol

There was some very impressive equipment on display.
Richie bought some raffle tickets


Since just about every booth in the place had a bowl of candy, Timmy and Joe ingested quite a bit of it...

So did Daddy.  Ha!  Caught red-handed!

We met up with some of our other friends from church at the show

Timmy and Joe in a giant combine

After the show we all met at Red Lobster for dinner.  This is our table...
...Our table again from the other side...
...And the other table with more of our friends.  Sorry for the grainy,blurry pictures!

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