Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Miscellaneous Photos from Mommy's Camera

Look fellas!  It's Pinocchio!

One night Grandpa played some really neat folk music for all of us to enjoy!
We played a song or two too!  Caroline's hiding there at the piano behind Daddy. (Not pictured is Kyle playing the spoons just to the right.) 

A friend from church joined us for the fun "hoot nanny" night :-)

Richie came too!  All of you, my faithful blog reading family know that we're officially in a courtship that's the update for any readers who haven't yet heard.   
And I promise, I'm not teaching him to crochet :-)

Did you know that my very talented brother is a chef? 

His Monkey Bread was amazing!!!

We girls have had a lot of practicing to do for some upcoming Christmas programs.
Victoria sure can multi-task :-)

Ya just gotta love it :-)

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