Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's Pictures :-)

Today is the quad's official birthday!
Happy Birthday Kyle, Caroline, Valerie, & Victoria!!!

Victoria wanted to take pictures of all of us kids with our animals today.  So, we gathered our assortment of funny farm creatures and all tried to smile without looking too cold.  (It must've been in the low 30's this morning!)

Victoria and Gracie

Victoria, Joe, and Gracie

Kyle and Danny

Me and Elsie (Otherwise known as Eddie...yes it is a 'she' and no, I didn't name her that : )

Caroline, Bubba the horse, and Sunshine the goat

Valerie and Blackberry

Sunshine :-)
I just couldn't resist.  There's just something funny about close-ups of animal's noses that I like.  :-)

I actually took the following pictures a few days ago...Valerie asked me to take some pictures of her dogs for her website. 


She looks so cute, so innocent. 
We call her the possessed one.  She's more than a little crazy.  :)


Riley...the pride and joy of Pure Joy Labradors.  Valerie went to Oregon to get this guy. 


Benjamin :-)
I had to add this photo...he was being a silly boy as usual.  The clothes hamper makes a great little hideout.

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