Thursday, November 10, 2011

Timmy's Papers

We're still working on our "letter forming."  
 Timmy is learning, but I think it will be helpful to get him some better kindergarten-type
 lined paper to help him align  his letters correctly. 

These were "a piece of cake" (in his own words) for Timmy. 
 I need to write out some harder problems for him!
Good job T!

Timmy did both letters and numbers in this dot-to-dot...he did it perfectly and stated that it was waaaay too easy.
In, that case, I'll find a much harder one and he'll probably wish he didn't say that! :-)

This is actually a picture that our little artist Joe drew for's me and Timmy reading the "Bob" books.
Joe even drew the characters Sam and Mat on the pages to look exactly like what is pictured in the books. 
Wow Joe!

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