Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soap and Sheep and Other Things

It's been a busy couple of months for my soap business.  I've had quite a few wholesale customers order a large amount of soaps. 

The only downside to selling soap is that you have to wait so long for it to cure.  That usually translates into having to set people's soaps aside little by little until I have the complete order cured and ready.

I made a Washington Rain batch today.  It's one of my favorites to make just because of the color and swirl.  It's super fun to cut into :-)

Rosemary Mint

Funny how things always like to break down all at once, isn't it?  Last week our dryer decided it was bored with life, then the washer followed suit and died. 
Thankfully, Daddy has been able to fix them both!!!  Good job Daddy! 
We also had to take the truck into our mechanic to get it  fixed last weekend...and all day yesterday we didn't have any water because there are problems in the pumphouse/well.  But we are supposed to have water back somtime this morning, so it really hasn't been bad at all (especially when you get good at ignoring the pile of dishes in the sink ;)  After the pump is turned back on, they'll have to bleach the water AGAIN (yes, this has been going on for a long time)  and hopefully this time the test will turn out clear. 
Hey, at least our white clothes have had plenty of opportunities to be washed without us having to pay for the bleach :-)

My Cosmos continues to bloom even after a few frosty mornings.

I had a good time taking pictures of the girls yesterday.  My camera card decided to corrupt it's self last week, so I hadn't been taking as many pictures as usual.  But I bought a new card, so I'm back in business again!

It is rather challenging taking pictures of these guys, because they follow me around and paw at me (to get me to pet them) if I sit down. 

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