Thursday, November 10, 2011

"School" With Timmy and Joe

I have recently taken a job as a substitute teacher J  No, no, not in a school.  Unless you consider our house a school….which, technically, it is, since one of the definitions of school is “an institution for educating children.”  I think that describes the home perfectly! 

Of course, I have always been of the opinion that all of us “older children” in the house have been, whether we realize it or not, teaching our little brothers.  It has been interesting to see how Timmy and Joe are such ‘copycats’ of their parents and elder sibling’s language and behaviors.  I consider it a privilege to get to, in a more formal way, help my little brothers learn to read, write, and work on their basic mathematics.  I could go on and on about how cute they are and how much fun we’ve been having…but I’ll save it for later!  

 I am certain it isn’t only Timmy and Joe who are learning, it is me as well!  It has been fun to remember certain methods and/or programs, techniques, and teaching tools that either drove me nuts or worked well for me.  Of course, the boys may have a completely different way of thinking and learning than I did.  I am excited to start seeing the uniqueness of each boy’s learning style in comparison with the rest of “us kids.”  

Anyhow, I decided to start scanning some of the papers that I have had Timmy and Joe write on…they will be fun for us to look back on when they get older. J

So, here are some of Joe's papers~
Joe working on his numbers. 
The very last line is what Joe did without tracing!

Joe is our resident artist.  He drew this picture for me.  Maybe some of you can tell, it is all about how one of my honey bees stung him.  Gotta love it!

Joe was writing his name backwards for a long time. 
I was wondering if he is dyslexic or something, (see the drawing above with his name backwards) but I think that (maybe!) he has finally figured it out!

You're thinking...
"What is that?"
The boys have started finding papers or books on the table and copying the words they read onto another piece of paper.  Noticeably, some of it is very unintelligible, but overall I think it's good practice. :-)

Dot-to-dot has, thus far, served as a helpful and fun tool to get Joe to learn his numbers. 

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