Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crazy About the Holidays Craft Show

Yesterday I did a craft show at the SWW Fairgrounds in Chehalis.  I was really thinking that this could be one of my best shows yet...unfortunately; I was rather disappointed at the end of the [long] day. :-(  But Mommy and I had a good time overall…and it’s always interesting getting to know the ladies in the booths around us.  Seems like they are usually all such sweet folks, and often times they’re the type who are lonely and just want someone to talk to!  So, all in all, it wasn’t a terrible experience…(“Better than a sharp stick in the eye.” as Daddy would say.)   But since it was such a bad day for sales, I won’t be going back next year, that’s for sure.  Except maybe to look around.  There were some interesting sights…I like to look at the things people make and try to sell.  Not because I want to buy the stuff, but because it gives me ideas of things I could make.  So now you know how non-creative I am.  I just steal other people’s brilliant ideas. :-)

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