Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mommy's Birthday

Mommy has always loved taking pictures.  She decided that, for her birthday, she would like to drive around and take pictures of us in different locations.  So, naturally, we started at the bottom of our hill.  This has to be one of my favorite shots!

This is at Riffe lake

And so is this one...

And this one.

This is at a tree farm just on the other side of our hill.

And of course we HAD to get a picture at the blueberry farm :-)

This was a beautiful spot on the road somewheres between Morton and Elbe :-)  That's Mt. Rainier behind us.

Another one of my favorites!  This is at the train station in Elbe.

Waiting for the train
Here we are in Mossyrock :-)

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  1. You all were such good sports to do this! Thank you sooooo much! I had such a super, duper day and the fun memories will last a lifetime!
    I love you,