Monday, October 3, 2011

An Eventful Weekend

Wow.  It’s been a busy weekend!  
Friday we put up another fence for the sheep.  I think they’re pretty happy to have a little more space.

  In the afternoon we went to see Courageous, the new movie put out by Sherwood Pictures.  They are a Baptist church down in Texas that has created some of the most awesome Christian movies we have ever seen…Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof.  You always think they could never top their last movie, and yet the next one is always just as good (or better) than the last!


Saturday was the Onalaska Apple Harvest Festival.  I sat and sold soap at my booth for 9 hours.  It got old, especially since not many folks were buying that day.  Oh well.  I got to see friends from church and got to talk to lots of other people at least. J

A Lewis County parade...lots of tractors and semi trucks ;-)
Sunday was a loooong day.  We all loaded up into the van at 7am to get to church and get set up to do the worship service.  We hung around at church to do the worship for second service, so didn’t leave church until after 11am.  From there, we went on to do some shopping, got lunch, and then headed out to Centralia to do the “Life Chain” at 2:30pm.

The Life Chain is always in interesting experience.  We all spread out along the side walks on Harrison and hold signs that say things like “Abortion Kills Children” and “Adoption, the Loving Option”  “Abortion hurts Women” etc.  There is always some negative feedback, but this time especially, quite a few supportive people honked and waved at us.  That was encouraging!

Benjamin REALLY wanted that microphone!

After the Life Chain we went straight back to church, where we celebrated Benjamin’s adoption with our church family.  It was a wonderful time!  The hospitality team put together a wonderful little party, (with a blue-frosted cake that dyed everyone’s teeth, tongues and lips dark blue!) and we showed Valerie’s slide show.  God is so good!!!

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