Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crafts, Projects, and a couple Disasters 10-04-11

Good news, or bad news first?  hmmm. 
For the last couple of days I've been trying to prepare soap and candles for some Christmas craft shows that are happening in the next couple months.  Candles are a new thing for me.  I thought it would be as simple as pouring the wax and sticking in any old wick, but as most things are...it was harder than what I previously assumed. 
Oh well.
It’s sort of obvious from looking at me that I’ve been up to something I’m not at all good at…yet at least.
I had a great time this morning pulling hardened wax pieces out of my hair and trying to wash all of the orange oily dye off of my hands.  
My sisters discovered that I was trying to dye my hair with red streaks.  Somehow I managed to get some dye in my hair, too.  Everything in my soap corner was dark orange-red since I clumsily knocked over my dye bottle.  Now I’m really stylin’
.  I hope it comes out in the shower L   Anne of Green Gables does come to mind.
Double ugh.

The day before this all happened, I realized that my plastic container that holds the several dozen bars of soap I take to festivals and craft shows was almost completely filled with water.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I pulled one slimy bar out of the gross puddle of sudsy water and slimy paper labels.  What a yucky mess, and a loss of money for me.  But my fingers are still crossed…I’m hoping that some of the soaps will dry out on a rack without cracking or discoloring too much.  It’s still a mystery as to how the water got in there in the first place.    

Ok, bad news is over with!!!!
Today I am trying to dye some of Elsie’s wool with beet juice.  I learned that the wool doesn’t actually turn a pretty reddish pink like you might expect, but more of a washed-out yellow.  It will still be pretty though, I think.  If it works, I plan on felting it.  Maybe if I make enough felt, I will sew the squares together to make a blanket or something of the sort. The wool has to soak overnight, so I will see how it looks in the morning and proceed with the process.  Fun!
It looks just lovely, doesn’t it?  Not exactly the most appetizing sight when simmering on the stove-top next to dinner. J

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