Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, it's been a long, fun weekend.  Our family went to Bremerton for a night and two days to celebrate Joe and Mommy's birthdays.  Of course, the whole family doesn't fit in a hotel room anymore (legally, that is:)  so we always bring our camper and sleep a few of us and a couple of dogs out there when we go on overnight trips.  That's always fun...and admittedly a little chaotic.  :-)

I'm gonna post pictures in two rounds; all of these pictures are from my camera, and the next post will be from my mother's. 

No, these sheep weren't in Bremerton lol.  These next few pics were ones that I took back at Maris Farm but did not get a chance to post yet :-)
These are called Jacob sheep.  Many of them have 4 horns, which makes them an interesting creature.
I LOVE their cute little faces though!!!!

A couple of cute piggies.

These were some neat  multi-colored dairy goats.  Love the spots!

These are the loads of tomatoes that I got this year.  This is probably only a third of what I harvested, canned, left in the garden, and threw out.  What a year!  Just wish I had picked them all before they started rotting :-(
See all the tomatoes that were left in the garden?

Mt. Rainier on the way up to Puyallup

Ready to go! 
He looks like he's up to something doesn't he. ;-)

The first day at the Bremerton hotel was very relaxing.  It was a drizzly day, so we mostly hung out inside the room and watched the History channel and Animal Planet.  Thankfully no one had nightmares of tiger or chimpanzee maulings or snake bites and  snake stranglings.  Personally I enjoyed learning the history of ice cream, BBQ, fast-food, hot dogs and the strategy in the layout of a grocery store.  Now that was reeealy cool. 

The second day, we went to the Boing Museum of Flight.  It is an AMAZING place. 

More to come!

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