Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Various Photos 8-07-11

We took the pontoon boat out again Monday night...our neighbor friend Wyatt came with us too!

Caroline was very daring on the innertube.  She stood up several times!

Here are Victoria, Caroline and Kyle on the tube.

 Timmy, me and Joe

I have won Meemom's life-long favor by rescuing chocolate chip cookies.
Somehow the container got knocked off the boat.  So, naturally, I jumped out of the innertube and quickly swam to them.  Only problem was, I took my life-jacket off, and the captain of the boat didn't know I didn't have one.
To make a long story short, I was a little tired after treading water for so long!

There's a tower out in the lake near the Swofford pond area. Not sure what it was there for, but it makes a great object to jump off of and tie a boat to.

It's almost lunchtime, and everyone is enjoying themselves!
 I got to do the bbqing for everyone...since I'm so good at it (NOT!)

These are some interesting mud-swallow nests underneath the tower.
Babysitting at the Dakers
The Great Snake Hunters of Green Mountain ;-)

Mommy took this picture of the boys fishing on Swofford Pond. 
Here we are at DeGoedes.  The manager has asked us girls to do some special music for them occasionally.  It was a little weird.  Partially because Hwy 12 runs right by the store, and on that side there are no walls to speak of. 
Our keyboard is very quiet too, and some of the best songs feature Caroline's awesome piano playing.
Next opportunity is Christmastime, when the sides will be back on the greenhouse, and we'll buy an amp. for the piano.

This is my jungle.  It's so bad in some places that I can't even walk through the rows.  The pumpkin plants are weaving through the rows and over them and the pole beans have made a tangled mess by wrapping themselves around anything within reach. 

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